Real Estate

When involved in a real estate transaction, whether residential or commercial, from day one, lawyers can offer significant value to clients, whether buyers or sellers. To deliver this value, we have integrated with a real estate brokerage, Agency by Alloway, to offer legal services to their clients, with all legal fees paid by Agency by Alloway out of their commission upon transaction closing. 

Please refer to Agency by Alloway, by clicking here, for more information on how we work together to deliver value to our clients through our innovative idea of Integrated Real Estate Services.

We provide value to our real estate clients by:

  • Working in tandem with Agency by Alloway to ensure fast, consistent, and valuable service
  • Objectively helping clients sort through advice given from their real estate agent(s), mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, and the host of other parties that partake in a real estate transaction
  • Ensuring an Agreement of Purchase and Sale contains conditions that protects the client’s interests
  • Explaing all conditions included in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale (financing, chattels vs fixtures, home inspection etc)
  • All duties associated with closing a real estate transaction (title search, deed registration, fund transfers
  • Managing any deal specific issues that arise

Please watch the following video from The Law Society of Upper Canada for more information on how lawyers add value in real estate transactions.

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