Our Values

With close to 50,000 lawyers registered to practice law in the province of Ontario, you must ask yourself, why our firm? What sets us apart? Our Team values:  

Honesty and Integrity.

Professional reputation is critical, and we deliver service which is are transparent and for which we are accountable. On this point, there can never be compromise.  


The very best Lawyers are not only logical and analytical, but they display a great deal of creativity in their problem-solving. A great lawyer is creative and able to think of reasonable solutions when problems and unique situations arise as the best solutions are not always the most obvious and it is necessary to think outside the box.  


The ability to decisively draw reasonable, logical conclusions or assumptions from limited information is essential and our team considers judgments critically, anticipating potential areas of weakness that must be fortified against. Our Team thinks logically and makes reasonable judgments and assumptions based on information presented and available.  

Analytical Skills.

Our Lawyers have excellent analytical skills and are able to readily absorb and make sense of a large volume of information and distill it into something manageable and logical. At times, there will be more than one reasonable conclusion, or more than one precedent applicable to resolving a situation and we have the evaluative skills in order to choose which is the most suitable.  

Research Skills.

Preparing a legal strategy requires an extensive amount of research and we find, comprehend and distill down pertinent information essential to understanding our clients and their needs to prepare manageable and useful legal strategies.  


“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.” We are willing to put in the time it takes to get the job done persevering to complete the work necessary to drive the matter to a successful finish.  

Good Communication Skills.

Our Lawyers are orally articulate, have excellent drafting and written communication skills but most of all, are good listeners, able to analyze the complexities provided by the client.  

Continuing Education.

Our lawyers stay on top of developments in each of their respective legal fields and pursue continuing legal training. It’s not just a requirement, it is a passion.  

Interpersonal Skills.

Law is not an abstract practice and our Team excels in interpersonal skills that develop into trusting relationships with everyone they work with. We work on behalf of people and understand the critical nature of decisions that affect peoples’ lives.

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